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What Mold Damage Can Do to You and Your Home

What Mold Damage Can Do to You and Your Home

[ 2 ] June 20, 2010

Mold Damage

Mold is natural. It exists in nature, and is sometimes eaten and used to create food. But some mold is dangerous and can cause all kinds of mold damage. Toxic mold grows indoors where they eat up wood, carpets and walls. They can cause toxic responses from people exposed and could hurt the health of the people in the house.

MoldĀ is NaturalĀ 

Mold presence in the home is nothing new. It has been around forever, and most homeowners do mold removal at some time or another. It is of vital importance that as a homeowner, you should not ignore symptoms of a mold infestation in your home. You should understand what type of damage can result from not dealing with this problem.

Items in your home can be destroyed. Organic materials, like paper and wood can be practically taken over by an infestation. If black spots start to develop in your home, you probably have a black mold infestation.

Possible Sickness

Mold can also trigger attacks on people with asthma who are exposed to them. Furthermore, numerous health problems could develop. They include: abdominal pain, bladder and kidney pain, breathing difficulties, nasal congestion, recurring colds, choking, skin rashes, dizziness, vision problems, sneezing, diarrhea and even death.

It’s important to note that these cases are extreme. People have become seriously ill, but it’s rare. Usually, the most that happens is a person might develop a rash or experience allergies. In any case, it’s not good to have any type of sickness. Even if it’s something minor, solving the problem will be a relief.

Home Repair Expenses

Mold can deteriorate and decompose matter. If you’re not careful, it will destroy everything it feeds on around your house. You could end up paying thousands of dollars in repairs for structural damage. There are instances where a small crack in the shower allowed water to drain down one wall and into the house and it cost thousands of dollars in correcting the water damage mold problem.

After learning more about the mold damages that can occur in your home, you should take measures to control the problem. It might be more important than you realize. Bear in mind that people have different reactions to mold. Some people can tolerate it better than others. So while it may not bother you, someone else could get seriously ill.

It is always best to keep your home dry and clean as much as possible. Find and repair any leaks. Dry the bathroom after you take a shower or bath to help reduce bathroom mold. And remove any mold you find on the surface. If you suspect the mold is toxic, contact a professional to test the mold. Only do this if someone has become sick, and you suspect that mold is the reason.

The most effective way to make your home mold-free is to control the moisture in your home. Air filtration can help in reducing mold spores in the air, but that’s not enough. Controlling the moisture in your house is the best way to prevent mold damage.