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Cost of Mold Remediation and Some Payment Options

[ 0 ] January 28, 2010

Cost of Mold Remediation

Not all of us can afford the cost of mold remediation thanks to the economy. In fact, more and more homeowners are finding it extremely difficult to keep their homes, so trying to keep up with any structural damage is most likely the furthest thing from their minds. And the chances of handing over thousands of dollars to a mold removal company is seriously out of the question, or is it?

With more and more homeowners losing their jobs, more and more financial options need to be explored to help pay for mortgages, home repairs and even the costs to remove mold.

Here are a few places you may or may not have already considered checking with to help get you started –

1. Your Insurance Company – Despite what you may have heard about insurance not covering mold, there are still some companies out there who are willing to help. And of course it never hurts to ask if they offer a policy that may help pay for mold removal costs. And even if their answer is no, they may be willing to say yes to covering water damage mold or any structural damages not caused by the mold.

2. Your City – Many cities are now offering help when it comes to home repairs. Whether it’s to beautify the neighborhood or make your home a safer environment to live in, your city or town may cover the costs or at the very least offer charitable assistance through a local contracting service.

3. FEMA – If the damages to your home are extreme and your city or state has contacted an organization called FEMA, you may be able to have the costs of those mold removal jobs covered depending on your income and the circumstances in which the damages occurred.

4. Bartering – Many businesses, especially smaller ones may be willing to barter their services in exchange for a service you can provide for them. Don’t have a service to offer? Why not ask a family member for friend to offer their services to the company in exchange for you to mow their yard, housesit, babysit or whatever task they may need done.

5. Payment Plan – As much as we don’t like the idea of owing more debt, you may want to consider asking the mold removal company if they’re willing to set up a monthly payment plan with you. Many companies know these are hard times and are often willing to help in any way they can.

6. Credit Line – Another option if you can afford to do so is to use your own line of credit such as borrowing from your bank or using a revolving credit line. However, if you choose this option, it’s always a good idea to borrow a little more than estimated just in case you need it.

7. Income Tax Return –With the tax season upon us once again, many of us will be owed a refund on our income tax return. If you’re expecting a refund, you may want to consider using it to cover the entire cost of mold remediation if not all least part of it.

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