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Mold Basements Can Cause Serious Health Problems

[ 0 ] January 28, 2010 |

Mold basements are one of the many reasons people are sick. Take me for instance. I hardly ever use my basement, so wow was I surprised to learn that is was hiding a deep dark secret that could have cost me my health.

You see, mold isn’t just some ugly stuff on your walls or ceiling. The fact is, mold can cause allergies, asthma, bleeding of the lungs, reoccurring colds, chronic coughing, fatigues, headaches, and even depression. And although I didn’t experience any of these problems with my basement, I did experience them when I lived in a home that was covered in toxic mold.

I had allergies that I assumed were just a change of the weather or toxins like cigarette smoke in the air. In never occurred to me that it could be something more like black mold effects.

I also had asthma which along with the allergies I thought again was something to do with the change in the weather and toxins in the air that were not associated with mold.

I was lucky enough that my symptoms did not go as far as my lungs bleeding. It’s also considered less of a problem in adults, but when you have children and pets or anyone with a weak immune system, the results can be deadly.

One of the symptoms I did have was a reoccurring cold. However, silly me, I just chalked it up as a chronic bronchitis infection that I’d attracted from who knows where.

Along with that cold I had a chronic cough. Again, I assumed that my cough in association with the cold was due to a bronchitis infection that would not go away.

I also found myself tired all of the time and ironically I never really did anything to make me tired. So again, I assumed it was because of that imaginary bronchitis thing. And this is also how I realized there were signs of fungus growing in my basement. I was always tired no matter how very little I did and I found myself feeling ten times better when I was away from my home.

I never really got migraine headaches until mold entered my life. I used to get a lot of migraines and just thought I wasn’t eating or sleeping right. This was also another sign that there was mold in my basement. After I spent some time doing mold removal my headaches and of course all of the other symptoms went away.

There are times when almost everyone will experience depression in his or her lives. Whether it’s from the loss of a loved one or something else serious, it never dawned on me that my bouts of depression were caused by mold growing in my basement. I never even thought about it until I realized I was not the only family member suddenly experiencing depression and all of us at once for no real reason.

Mold and can a scary thing, especially when mold basements are the cause of it and it’s been left untreated for way too long. If you believe you have mold in your home whether it’s from your basement or another part of your home, please have it inspected. There is no reason why you should have to suffer from such a simple fungus.

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