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Mold Inspection – How To Inspect Your Home for Mold

[ 0 ] June 10, 2010 |

Mold Inspection

If you think that your home is infested with mold, you can perform an inspection to find out. A mold inspection is something you can do on your own if you choose. You can also hire a mold inspection company to come in and perform the job for you. Keep in mind that there are molds that are visible and there are those that are not visible to the naked eye.

There are two ways to inspect your home. You can look for mold and use a mold home testing kit to get it analyzed. Or just hire someone to do it for you. A mold test kit, which is available at most hardware or home improvement stores, is relatively easy to use.

There are different types of mold testing kits. The steps you take depend on the kit your purchase.

Some kits require the use of tape. Cut the transparent tape into three long pieces one at a time. Attach the tape to areas where you notice visible mold growth. It could be on ceilings, walls, floors, in attics or crawl spaces. Peel off the tape and attach to the inside of a small plastic ziplock storage bag. Submit the collect lift tape samples to a laboratory for analysis.

Some kits simply need to be in a room where mold is suspected. These kits usually come with a dish and a sticky strip. Put the kit in the middle of the room. Make sure that the sticky side is facing upward. Allow the air of the room to settle down on the open dish for an hour before you close and tape it shut. Write the exact mold test location on the top of the kit. Submit the test kit samples to the mold laboratory for quantification and analysis.

You can also perform a mold inspection in your home by using your sense of smell. Using a strong flashlight, you can inspect every area around your home for visible mold growth on floors, walls, ceiling, basement, attic and other areas in the house. Pay attention to areas that are damp and with less sunlight. Record your findings, and decide if mold removal is necessary.

If you think that you have mold spores in the air of your home, you can have the air tested. It’s probably best to let a professional test the air. You can find a home testing kit that allows you to test the air. However, the procedure is often delicate and best left to a professional company. If you do it yourself, follow the directions carefully.

You have to make a comparison of both the air inside and outside of your home. Use two airtight containers and open them. Leave one container outside and the other inside. Make sure that you mark them correctly. After an hour, close the lids of the containers and leave them. You can then send the jars to the laboratory to identify the molds.

Mold inspection doesn’t have to be difficult. At home testing kits make the procedure pretty easy. But if you can, let a professional handle it.

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