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A Mold Problem Is Not Something to Ignore

[ 0 ] April 12, 2010 |

Mold Problem


Black Mold

Black Mold

A mold problem isn’t something you should just ignore, yet thousands of homeowners do just that because they believe it’s harmless and they’ll get to it when life slows down.

And while it’s certainly true that not all molds are dangerous, they can still weaken your immune system, not to mention become an eyesore in your home, which can eventually lead to stress and even depression. 

Whether your mold issue is the green fungus living in your refrigerator on some forgotten leftovers or the black toxic stuff growing under your kitchen sink, it needs to be removed.

Of course removing food mold is as easy as throwing it into the garbage, sealing the bag and disposing of it away from your home, but you’ll need to make a little more of an effort when it comes to the rest of the stuff.

First of all, you need to look for any sources where an issue may occur, keeping in mind that bathrooms and kitchens are not the only rooms notorious for mold growth. Anywhere there is moisture, chances are there’s going to be fungus growing.

Nowhere is safe. Mold can grow in basements, attics, under crawlspaces, in the living room, bedroom, laundry room and even in your central heating and air system.

In rooms that are notorious for moisture, a dehumidifier can be a really good investment. You can easily purchase an inexpensive dehumidifier for around $30. However, if the damage is already done, you’ll need more than a dehumidifier to defuse the situation.

One of the biggest threats for a moisture ridden problem is your shower. Every time you use your shower your walls absorb the moisture which then allows mold to grow on the surface.

To prevent that from happening, you should install an exhaust fan or open up your bathroom window at the very least to let out some of that moisture.

You should also dry off the shower walls after showering to reduce water buildup. And if you find that your bathroom tiles already have a fungus issue, there are many mold cleaners available on the market that are made specifically for your bathroom tiles, so you really have no excuse not to keep them fungus free!

Another big moisture threat is your air conditioner. When in use, air conditioners tend to give off a lot of condensation, so in order to keep the moisture at bay, you need to be sure your drip pans are clean and that the drain lines are free from debris.

Once you’ve corrected all of the sources where moisture can occur, you can begin your mold removal strategy by finding the proper mold cleaner to eliminate your moldy growth.

And while you may think every cleaner is the same, think again because there are many different types of mold and one single mold spray will not eliminate all molds. So, be sure you are using the right cleaner for the job.

Finally, when you’re dealing with any type of mold, you should always take precautions by wearing protective gear such as eye goggles and rubber gloves to help keep you safe from fungus spores.

And for the sake of your health, always be smart and do what’s necessary to help keep your home clean and free from a mold problem.

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