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Mold Removal Tips

[ 0 ] January 28, 2010 |

If you believe that mold removal isn’t necessary because you know for a fact that it’s not toxic black mold invading your home, you’re mistaken. Just because a toxic mold isn’t the cause of your mold situation doesn’t mean it won’t cause a problem for your home or your health.

Despite that some funguses aren’t harmful, they can still wreak havoc on your immune system and cause you to take medications for allergies that aren’t really safe to be taking in the first place. Not to mention that in some people mold can cause a serious allergic reaction.

In addition most funguses can cause structural damage to your home, which can lead to more serious problems if the mold is left untreated.

And what about the family and friends who like to drop by unexpectedly? Do you really want them running at the sight of that shower mold or the fungal growth that’s made its home on your living room wall?

Okay, so maybe you’re not worried about or even embarrassed at your lack of desire to cleanup that moldy mess, but if you’ve got kids or pets, you may end up finding yourself in trouble for exposing them to an unhealthy environment.

And yes maybe no one has stepped foot inside of your home but that doesn’t mean that your kids won’t let your cleaning habits slip in a casual conversation. And besides, studies show that a clean home means less stress and who wouldn’t want that!

Mold Removal Tips

• First, grab yourself a pair of rubber gloves, some clean rags, a mop bucket, a scrub brush and a mold spray designed for the task at hand.

• Next, wherever you’re working at, open the windows so you’re not breathing in fumes from the cleaning product. And even if your product choice is all natural, fresh air still never hurt anyone.

• Then, put on those rubber gloves and spray that molded area and let it set for the time indicated on the product’s label.  

• Next, using a scrub brush go over the affected area to loosen the mold and then rinse with a clean wet rag.

• If you find that the mold growth is still there, you may need to reapply the product and let it set for a little while longer. If the mold is still being stubborn, chances are you’re going to need a stronger mold remover than what you already have.

• After you’ve cleaned up the mold, be sure to wash the bucket, rubber gloves and brush in hot soapy water. You can either throw away the used rags or wash them separately from your other laundry to prevent contamination. You should also do the same thing with the clothes you were wearing during cleanup. 

With the steps above, mold removal doesn’t have to be a pain and once it’s done you shouldn’t have to worry about cleaning any more fungus for a very long time. Who knew cleaning up molds could be so darn easy?

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